Specialized Fire-Fighting in Steel Plant


Specialized Fire-Fighting in Steel Plant

The program contents will be advanced level of Fire Prevention and Control / Fighting in Steel Plant and the following typical competencies will be addressed as the Core Competency for the participant.

  • Special fire fighting in (Iron Oxide, HBI and DRI Raw Materials)
  • Special fire fighting in Molten Steel and Molten Slag Fire
  • Emergence Management Techniques in Steel Mill / Plant
  • Incident command and emergency procedures

The course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of fire fighting skills, planning and emergency management techniques.

Course Outline:

Specialized Fire Fighting – Theory and Concept

• Revise the theory of fire science. • Select, inspect, maintain & use operationally personal protective (PPE) • Select, inspect, maintain and use operationally fire fighting equipment. • Demonstrate three spray patterns when using a branch. • Operate a branch safely and effectively and understand isolation points. • Demonstrate the ability to move safely with a charged hose line. • Demonstrate the ability as part of a crew fire hose drills. • Demonstrate as part of crew ability to safely attack & extinguish a fire. • Demonstrate safe working practices prior to entering a structure. • State the list 4 principle warning signs of an eminent building collapse.

Planning techniques - (PROACTIVE SAFETY)

• Risk assessments and risk identification for firefighting. • 7 levels of risk management process for firefighting. • Incident preparedness. • Fire warden roles and responsibilities. • Security and safety systems. • Rescue plans. • Lockout and tag out systems.

Specialized Fire Fighting & Emergency Management (REACTIVE SAFETY)

• Safely attack & extinguish a raw material fire (Iron Oxide, HBI and DRI). • Safely attack and extinguish a molten steel fire. • Safely attack and extinguish a molten slag fire. • Emergency Management Techniques in a Steel Mill.