SAF-Certified Basic Rigging and Slinging


SAF-Certified Basic Rigging and Slinging

The course has been designed and developed to meet existing Health & Safety legislation, including the provisions stipulated within the ‘Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER 1998)’ The course will provide the participants with an awareness to operations involving mechanically lifting a load with the use of slings, strops, and rigging devices

Successful, participant will be certified as a ‘Competent Riggers and Slingers’.


  • Prepare Lifting Plans
  • Inspect Equipment and Ensure Serviceability prior to use
  • Use all Equipments safely and correctly
  • Estimate weights
  • State Sling Principles using correct terminology
  • Sling and Move Loads including Tubular, unbalanced and pre-slung
  • Use Hand Signals and Hand Held Radios
  • Adhere to Environmental Constraints
  • Adhere to the operational standard in Rigging and Slinging prevalent in your organization.