Pendent and OH Cranes Operation/Maintenance


Pendent and OH Cranes Operation/Maintenance

Certificate of competency for bridge and gantry cranes, Types of bridge or gantry cranes, Features of bridge or gantry cranes, Controls, Hoist limit switches, Brakes, Safe Operation, Maintenance safety procedure, Slinging and safe working loads, Weight of the load, Rules to be followed when slinging and handling a load, Stacking, Personal Protective Equipment(PPE), Communication, Flexible steel wire rope, Sheaves and drums for flexible steel wire rope, Chain, Flat webbing and round synthetic slings, Fibre rope


Pendent Remote Operated Overhead Crane Operation Rolling Mills and Central Repair ShopPendent/Remote Operated Cranes which are operating by maintenance crew when required during shutdown/breakdown of equipment at that particular area

  • Operation of the Cranes
  • Swing control of the Cranes
  • Safe working Load for the Crane Operation
  • Awareness of Pendent Operation and its Emergency Stop.
  • Limitation of the hook movement.
  • Function of Safety Limit Switches.
  • Using proper tools and slings